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Work for us

Company Profile

iStudy is a British educational company operating in Moscow since 2002. The team of professionals of iStudy has accumulated unrivalled knowledge and experience in providing tailor-made programmes aimed at:

Contact Olga Vasilieva:
Chief Academic Manager
+7 903 836 06 06

Open positions

  1. assisting students in preparation for education abroad (especially for entering British private schools) and covering the following exams:
    • Common entrance
    • GCSE
    • A-Level
    • IB
  2. assisting teenagers in International Exams preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT)
  3. helping adults in business communication in English

Competitive advantages for our clients

  • Teachers from both Russia and the UK holding international teaching certificates that serve as a guarantee of high quality professional teaching and tangible results
  • A team of internationally certified teachers, client managers and academic professionals what contributes to a highly client-oriented approach
  • A great variety of in-company trainings (starting from general language training to exclusive tailor-made programmes in Oil & Gas, Aviation, Banking and other industries)
  • Exam preparation programmes covering a great range of the British National Curriculum subjects (Maths, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business, Economics, Geography, History and others)
  • A combination of the communicative approach with innovative teaching methods
  • Efficient, up-to-date language training manuals by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and other publishing houses.

Competitive advantages for our teachers

  • Competitive salary
  • Tailored approach – provide different work opportunities depending on candidates’ preferences (part-time job, full-time job, hourly-paid scheme)
  • Visa support (business and work visa options)
  • Help with finding an accommodation
  • One month of free one-to-one Russian classes with a professional Russian teacher and a 60% discount after that
  • Academic support, providing teachers with all necessary resources, help in gaining teaching skills
  • Highly flexible timetabling and a supportive work environment

Teachers about us

Oliver H.
Oliver H.

My name is Oliver. I am originally from London, England. I studied at Warwick University from 2010 to 2014 as a German & History student. In this degree I spent an Erasmus Year in Berlin, a city that opened my eyes to the world!

My career as an English language teacher

As a linguist I’ve always had the passion to teach foreign nationals my mother tongue, just as I had learnt German at university from native speakers. On returning from Berlin in autumn 2013 I completed an online TEFL course. This gave me the opportunity to teach international students on various online platforms. When I discovered through iStudy the opportunity to teach English abroad, I was determined to make the grade!

Why I chose iStudy

I was told about the advertised post on the Warwick University website by a friend of mine who knew of my enthusiasm for all things Russian – history, culture and even Russian language! Whilst Olga Vasilyeva, my interviewer and future boss, explained to me that knowledge of Russian was no prerequisite for the position, my passion for language learning and teaching helped to secure the position in Moscow.

How I found the transition to Moscow

As a former Erasmus student in Berlin I had no concerns about living abroad. The ostensibly bureaucratic and long-winded process of relocating that I discovered upon my arrival in Berlin was nonetheless made considerably less stressful in Moscow by Olga’s kind and hospitable nature in securing accommodation for me in the city. It turned out that one of the school’s English teachers – a Russian woman called Katya – and her boyfriend, Vadim, had a spare room in their flat. I was thrilled at the prospect of living with Russians. Thanks to Katya’s being an English teacher there was never any breakdown in communication. Living together was understandably a great opportunity for my Russian language skills to develop, but it was nonetheless reassuring to know that Katya and I had a second language to communicate in if necessary! Katya and Vadim became my very good friends, whom I shall visit very often in the future.

Working at iStudy

As a private English language tutor I worked with individual Russian school pupils taking IGCSE examinations for entry into British sixth-forms or 11+ exams for entry into international schools. These students and pupils would come into the office for their tuition. Whenever I came into the office to work, I was always greeted with a smile by the office administrators, Elena and Maria. Elena even made coffee for me every time! Even when I was working out of the office (usually via Skype) Elena and Maria were always available if I had any questions that needed to be answered. The whole team at iStudy is full of friendly faces, whom I also plan to visit by popping into the office upon my next trip to Moscow!

My teaching philosophy

For me, building rapport with a student is the most important aspect of teaching. If the student feels comfortable in your company, they will speak more confidently. Just as I was greeted every day with a smile at iStudy, a teacher must have a personality and an understanding nature that shines through in the way they build a relationship with the student. Every student is equally an individual, and so adapting your teaching style and methods to the individual student’s needs is equally essential. My favourite tutors and teachers at university and in school were those whose personalities shone through. I apply this motto to my own teaching. At the end of both years spent at iStudy, I was always very pleased to hear about the success of my students in their examinations.

We are looking for:

Profile 1: GCSE\A-level\IB tutors


Graduates/ postgraduates. The faculty/ qualification relevant to the subjects in focus. Preferable subjects:

  • GCSE/ A-level/ IB Math,
  • GCSE Science; GCSE/ A-Level/ IB Chemistry, Biology, Physics
  • GCSE/ A-Level/ IB Economics and Business
  • GCSE/ A-Level/ IB English and Literature
  • GCSE/ A-Level/ IB Psychology, History and Geography
  • GCSE/ A-Level/ IB English, Theology and Philosophy
  • GCSE/ A-Level/ IB French, German, Spanish, Italian


  • Successful teaching experience at middle or high school level and a proven track record of securing outstanding student outcomes
  • British citizenship
  • Readiness to stay in Moscow 6 months and longer


  • Teaching subjects of the British National Curriculum to individual students/ giving classes at elite boarding (small groups), including:
  • Delivering lessons on exam preparation tailored to students’ needs
  • Presenting curriculum coherently and succinctly to students
  • Filling out evaluations and reports to track students' progress.
  • Liaising with the school management and students’ parents
  • Creating a fun learning environment by using a variety of facilitation techniques

Profile 2: Governor\Governess

Bachelor of Education,
Postgraduate Certificate in Education,
Montessori Diploma
Graduates/ postgraduates having experience in working with kids and teenagers could be considered as well


  • Successful teaching experience at middle or high school level and a proven track record of securing outstanding student outcomes\ working with families.
  • British citizenship
  • Readiness to stay in Moscow 1 year and longer
  • Duties:
  • Escorting children to and from school and to activities, and overseeing their schedules.
  • Supervising homework, and creative projects
  • Developing strong relationships with children. Improving their level of confidence in their skills to excel personally and academically.
  • Organizing their leisure activities and joining them on trips to museums, cinema, and school events.
  • Providing a positive and nurturing environment at home.

An ideal candidate should:

  • Have a strong motivation to develop oneself in teaching/ gaining teaching experience.
  • Be comfortable with kids and teenagers.
  • Have excellent oral and written skills developed through delivery of presentations, debating, giving and receiving feedback, writing reports.
  • Be able to explain concepts to students.
  • Have good managerial skills, be self-organized and responsible.
  • Have good interpersonal skills, be able to employ tact and to build relationships.
  • Be able to get on with a wide range of people, be a good motivator and able to support others.
  • Be patient, able to inspire trust, a good listener and lead by example
  • Enjoy experiencing new cultures, learning new languages and working in different working environments


Contact us:
Olga Vasilieva,
Chief Academic Manager
+7 903 836 06 06
Office 9, 10 Bol'shaya Sadovaya Str., Moscow 123001

Open positions:

Spanish governess

We are seeking to appoint a Spanish governess for a 9 year girl and an 11 yo boy from a high-profile Russian family located in Moscow.


  • Teaching Spanish- the main duty
  • Arranging development and educational activities for the children
  • Accompanying the children to different events as well as to luxury resorts, travelling with the family.


  • Rota position only: 2\2 weeks (2 working weeks\ 2 weeks off), from 3000 GBP monthly (for 2 weeks), accommodation allowance (a live-in position) and work visa support.

Requirements: A well mannered, articulate and responsible candidate, with great deal of experience and interest in children and their development. A confident child carer who is emotionally mature and possess high energy levels and an ability to develop close relationships with the child and the family. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to relate well with people at all levels and converse in a polite and courteous manner.

Spanish сitizenship

Higher education in Pedagogics \ PGCE is highly required

Certificate in teaching Spanish as a second language is highly required.

Please, apply with your detailed CV with a photo, providing the education specifics, employment periods (as an au-pair), the age of children and the main duties.

1. governess for 2 children

Position outline:

We are seeking to appoint an experienced governess for 2 children: 6 y.o. girl and 2 y.o. boy from a high-profile family in Moscow.


  • Teaching English and French
  • Assessing academic levels and multiple intelligences of the children and developing individual core curriculum lesson plans
  • Scheduling and enforcing daily activities for the children.


  • a live-in position
  • working in shifts: 2\2 weeks, the family is ready to rent an apartment for the other 2 weeks
  • lucrative salary from 3500 GBP per 14 days, accommodation allowance and work visa support.
  • Requirements:

  • PGCE/ teaching certificates and relevant experience required.
  • Advanced French
  • Education in psychology would be an advantage.

UK, French, US, Canadian, Australian citizenship
Feel free to apply with your CV with a photo to Olga.vasilieva@istudy.com.ru

2. Governess for a 3,5 y.o. boy

Position outline:

We are looking for a governess for a 3,5 y.o. boy from a high-profile family in Moscow.


  • Teaching English and, if possible, French
  • Tutoring the child, enabling him to acquire age appropriate skills
  • Responsible for organizing and executing the child's daily routine, including educational and play activities and various physical needs
  • Collaborating with the parents to ensure exceptional child care and development
  • Giving English classes to his 1,5 y.o. sister-with the assistance of her governess.(1 hour daily)


Novorizhskoye highway, 24 km from Moscow.


Could be 5 days a week\2 days off or 3 working days\ 3 days off, Negotiable rate, from 3000 to 4500 GBP monthly, depending on the schedule.


  • Relevant experience
  • Advanced French would be an advantage
  • PGCE / teaching / childcare certificates would be an advantage

UK, French, US, Canadian, Australian citizenship, US, French, Canadian, Australian citizenship
Feel free to apply with your CV with a photo to Olga.vasilieva@istudy.com.ru

3. Filipino nanny

Position outline:

A job for a Filipino nanny: we are looking for a young and energetic nanny (female) to employ in Baku, Azerbaijan (outside Russia) See the map: Google Map


  • Taking care of two children: a boy and a girl, years: 7 and 9
  • Assisting with homework preparation


  • 6 working days\1 day off, full time only
  • Working hours: agreed by contract
  • Visa support
  • Feel free to apply with your CV with a photo to Olga.vasilieva@istudy.com.ru

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